I cannot begin to put into words what you have done for my mother, sister and myself. Connecting with Marilyn was amazing and to be honest completely shocking to me even though I have always known she was there. I felt almost frozen with amazement at how spot on you were. Your gift is truly amazing and I am going to schedule another reading soon. I've learned so much in regards to my daughter and the possibility of her being a crystal child. After reading countless articles things are falling into place and making sense. She has always been a fun child with a great personality but in a moment it's like she's an old soul counseling myself and my family. The ideas and thoughts that come out of her mouth have always amazed me. I never realized the possibility of her being able to heal but it makes so much sense. Any time I'm upset about anything at all I will sometimes sneak into her room at night and snuggle up with her. She always calms me even if I don't tell her what is wrong. And my god the rocks ha ha everywhere her bookbag, coat, the car everywhere in my house. What was once annoying has now become charming to me.
I've always felt that my loved ones were around but you have confirmed it. I know it doesn't change the fact that Mar is gone but to mention that she's with my mom shopping was amazing because that is my mom's favorite hobby. Ha ha
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me and my family. I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Erika (Private session of 3 in office)

Dear Reverend Rivera,.I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read for me and my sister. I have more  peace now since hearing about my dad Ray and his death and journey to heaven. I love and miss him every day but take comfort in knowing that he's watching over us and is our beacon. That was such a beautiful image. I would like to have another reading by myself this time. I'll call to schedule soon. Thank you so much. You are an amazing and kind person!

Rev. Rivera Did I say thank you? I should say thank you. That knot that's been in the pit of my stomach since December is gone. Is it too soon to tell you I love you? Your gift has given me a gift. Bless you forever!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading! I was truly a life changer! You were so right on that it was amazing. You certainly made a believer out of my husband.  Connecting with my Mom and knowing that she is with us is so comforting. I will absolutely positively be back to see you someday.  I can’t wait to listen to the recording with my whole family! Have a blessed Christmas.  Debbie C  private session

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading you did for me last Saturday. I have been waiting 28 years to hear some of those things, and I feel that I truly needed that to stop worrying, wondering, and hurting over the death of my Kelly. The mere fact that in the beginning she showed herself on the swings when we went on them last month in NY was amazing. God bless you and your work, and I may have a party in the future as well. Carol F  private session

I am so happy that I made the decision to contact you.  The message that you gave to me from my husband was so meaningful.  It was like I was having a conversation with him.  The phrases and sentiments that were relayed to me were exactly as he spoke when he was with me.  It has helped me immensely to know that he is okay and happy and that he is still with me, even now.  It is wonderful to know that our love transcends space and time.  You were so specific about several items – I know you truly have a gift from God.  Thank you for the closure, peace and the ability to move on that you have provided me.  I am especially thankful for the song that was given to me, the words struck my heart and give me a special connection to my husband.  You had mentioned that your job as a spiritualist was to help me to see that he lives on and to give me hope.  You have most certainly done that and I am very grateful to you. Toni W (2014) private session
There was no doubt in my mind in your abilities to connect my mother to our loved ones on May 13th, 2014.  Especially when you stated there were 2 women that were coming through and you drew red roses, which signified to you the name Mary or Maria.  My grandmother’s name is Rosa and my aunt’s name is Marycel.  You described my aunt’s magnificent survivor personality perfectly and pointed out that my mother was unable to say goodbye to either of them before they passed.  My sister-in-law is pregnant and you passed along that my aunt was watching over the baby.  You also showed that my grandmother was showing sunflowers as a gift to my mother, which happens to be her favorite flower.  You passed along that my aunt raised a concern over a heart symptom related to stress, which connects straight to me (which has not been diagnosed as of yet).  For the second part of the reading, you provided instruction and validation that I so very much needed.  I am coming to terms with the fact that I may have some medium-like abilities and really didn’t know where to turn or how to gain some control over it.  You assured me that what I am experiencing is real.  You encouraged me to attend Spiritual Insight Training, which after reviewing, speaks volume to me on the path that I need to follow.  I plan to attend this training in August and look forward to the positive impact it will have on my life.  I am realizing that the gift I have does not have to be frightening.  I hope that someday I’ll be able to control and use my gift at my discretion to promote love, light and healing to others, as you have done for myself and my mother. I am forever grateful for your wisdom, knowledge and help and validation!  I look forward to your newsletters and if you don’t mind, I will be in touch with you after I attend the Spiritual Insight Training. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ashley B  private session

It was a very insightful and blessed experience. I went for spiritual guidance on some personal issues that were weighing heavily on my heart. The angels were able to give her clear guidance and she was extremely accurate as to what was happening in my life. I have been to a couple other psychic mediums before and Marjorie was definitely my favorite! As a religious, spiritual and God-loving person, it was imperative that I found a psychic medium that also had those same beliefs and used the energy of God and Angels to deliver her messages. Additionally, Marjorie was very kind, genuine and down to earth. I felt like I could tell her anything! I honestly fear what would have happened in the path of my life, had I not received the direction that I did. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and would definitely see her again in the future. I thank God for the amazing gift he gave Marjorie. Thank you, Marjorie, for all that you do! You are truly a blessing!
Mary C. ( private session)

Thanks for the group reading. I did receive your email yesterday. Thank you so much! By the way, the reading you did from my father-in-law (6 mo. Departed, so you dialed him up) helped my husband and stepmother so very much knowing he is OK. It was my stepmother’s birthday on Saturday (the day after the reading) and I made the connection that my father-in-law was recognizing her birthday when you asked whether he was married and what was the connection with the 3rd month. I shared this with my stepmother and she said that this was the best birthday present that she could have ever received. Deanna N. ( 2014) group hostess


The party was wonderful, all my guests had only good things to say after their readings. Everyone was 110% pleased with who came through for them and what was discussed. Some of us cried okay all of us cried but they were wonderful tears, they were healing tears, tears of relief and tears of peace. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this experience was. I can’t even put into words how I felt last night after my reading and how I’m still feeling today. It’s as if a calm has washed over my body! A calm that somehow I already know is going to help me deal with the loss of my mother, a loss that happened 6 years ago but a loss that I struggle with everyday
 As soon as I figure out how to do it I’m going to send you a picture of my daughter with what I believe to be an orb/my mother right next to her. At my reading my mom came through and told me to look at the pictures I took of my family at this past years Christmas celebration. My mom said that she was there with us and I would see an orb in the pictures and that that was her there with us. I looked through all the Christmas pictures and did no see an orb, however I looked through the pictures of my daughters wedding shower which was just last weekend. Low and behold there is a picture of my daughter opening her presents and right next to her is an orb, I know it’s my mom. How could it not be her, she told me to look for an orb and there it is!! My daughter and mother were very close and it would only be right for her to be there with my daughter to share that special day. I can’t wait till the wedding, I’m sure my mom will be there too.  The most wonderful part of this is the fact that my mom told me to look at the pictures and look for an orb, had she not told me to look for an orb I would have never noticed it and I doubt anyone else would have either. It was truly amazing to get that validation but what’s even better is the fact that I got validation that it was without a doubt my mom coming through more then once.
 Marjorie I can’t thank you enough, you have an amazing gift and all of us are blessed that you were so kind as to use your gift for us and by doing so to help us. Contacting our loved ones as you know helps all of us to heal, to have peace and closure. I am so thankful that our paths crossed. Chris (2014) party hostess

I would love to give you a feedback! First thank you for the reading it was wonderful!  I had Rev.Marjorie here for a party which ended up being completely booked! Every single person was so pleased and touched by her reading! I then went to Marjorie’s office for a reading and was so blessed when I left there. My grandmother had recently passed but I still felt her presence and Marjorie validated that for me. Being so close to my grandmother, that was more than anything I could have asked for. Marjorie gave me a lot of input on my relationship and was very key on the problems we’ve been having in it and guided me in the direction of healing those problems. I would highly recommend Marjorie to any and everyone! She is truly a wonderful woman!  Courtney Y (2014) party hostess

I just want to leave some feed back, I appreciate what you do. I want to thank you very much you provided some closure for some things. also I am amazed at some of the things you knew or could see. when i set up the appointment I was unsure because there are many people out there who will claim to have a gift that they do not have just to get money. After meeting with you & having our session I know that you are truly blessed with the gift that you have. I am very thankful that I found you to go to for my very first reading. I will definitely recommend you to any friends or family & I hope to see you in the future for another reading! thanks again, have a blessed day! Rachel private session