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Types of Readings: Mediumship , Life Readings and Special 

1. Mediumship ( Means Connection to Heaven..Loved Ones, Guides and Angels)

Loved Ones/Ancestor reunion (standard fees apply): This is the reason to come in …the “house specialty" !
This reading will include contact from a departed loved one. This type of reading can include specifics on your loved one’s manner of passing, personal demeanor, appearance, name(s)/initials of either the spirit or those the spirit refers to in the living, occupation and situational references. This reading will include a message from the departed loved one. Each session seeks to provide hopeful alternatives and useful insights to enrich your life.

Spirit Guide Introduction(standard fees apply):  This is for when you want to know the highest path for your soul. 

Our Spirit Guides know our soul’s characteristics, path, and challenges. They know what we are here to learn in this lifetime, and their job is to help us to stay on track with the paths which align with our soul and life lessons. So they give us advice and assistance to that end.

Angel Introduction (standard fees apply): This is for when you want to know what your Angels have to say about your life. 
Rev. Rivera will use her Angel visions to guide you. This is a highly symbolic process. Gifted to Rev. Rivera after many years working with Angels. Use this tool to help you decide a plan of action or to know the higher truth of why something is happening in your life.

Mediumship Check In (standard fees apply): This is the reason to come back!
Often times we are at a crossroads and need the advice of a particular Loved One, Guide or Angel and since we people tend to be opinionated, lets ask your Spirit Team for advice. Cuz… you know they have something to say about that new man/job/home in your life !

2. Life Readings:

Past/Present/Future Angels Oracle Card Session (standard fees apply): This is in case you want to know how something will unfold! * Pairs perfectly with Angel Cards*
Designed to cover the areas of career, romance, family, health and finances and the future. This reading would give you details about the current themes in your life, problem resolution and projections on your immediate future. Each session seeks to provide hopeful alternatives and useful insights to enrich your life. Angel cards are used to focus on outcomes and predictions.

Past Life (standard fees apply): This is for when you are curious about your past, or how it may be effecting you NOW.  

Learn about one of your past lives: Who you were, when you lived, what your life was like, and how you died. Yes, you could have a past life regression, and experience this whole thing yourself, but some people can't be hypnotized. Others don't trust their inner visions. Let. Rev. Rivera be your guide. 

Intuitive /Spiritual Guidance (standard fees apply): This is for when you need to know what the Spiritual “stuff is” to do ….
As a standalone session or in combination with any other service. Rev. Rivera's experience as a Mystic and Spiritual Seeker can be utilized to help guide you as you seek answers to life’s most profound questions. I will help counsel you through a specific set of circumstances or with life in general. All of Life’s circumstances are based in energy. As an observer and energetic sensitive, Rev. Marjorie can help you navigate the murky waters you may currently be facing with intuitive insight and spiritual know-how.  *This work is not psychotherapy (although there are some similarities), nor is it about endless processing that isn’t result-oriented or directive. But this kind of healing can take time, and the number of sessions can range from a few to on-going weekly appointments.Unlike traditional psychotherapeutic models, Spiritual Counseling pre-supposes that our lives are divinely ordered. Our work together is to help you align with the the unique and special life that is waiting to be fully revealed.

*Because of Rev. Rivera's background as an ordained minister and Metaphysician, her approach to Spiritual Counseling is about excavating and healing the root cause(s) of what might be holding you back in your life, and guiding you towards flow. Spiritual practices, mantras, and books to read will often be referred.

Issues that may come up in your Coaching Session(s) are:

*Energy Work, May include work on your Chakras (energy centres)
*Releasing past events/lives/challenges/people/blocks
*Making changes to your everyday life
*Making Changes to your way of thinking
*Changing relationships by changing the way you think, act and behave
*Using the Law of Attraction
*Transitioning your career

*Because of my background as an ordained minister and Metaphysician, my approach to Spiritual Counseling is about excavating and healing the root cause(s) of what might be holding you back in your life, and guiding you towards flow. Spiritual practices, mantras, and books to read will often be referred.

3. Special Readings 

VIP Soul Reading (Special Service, Special Fee 250$)
Your Soul Destiny,  Your Universal Soul Purpose, Your Soul Path, Your Soul Gifts, Your Soul Family of Origin, Your Primary Divine Energy, Your Soul Expression, 
Your Soul Quality & Soul Type 

This is a 90 minute Reading that will reveal to you the HIGHEST expression of your Soul's evolution. This is a reading that will give you a message from the most divine part of your own soul. 

This reading will include FULL soul diagnosis, clearing and healing, along with a powerful message of soul evolution. Together we do an entire healing & clearing to repair, restore, re-integrate, and activate your soul energy field.
We also clear the priority karmic layers “frozen light” blocking you at Soul Level.

We download new soul programming and activate any dormant soul energies now available to you after the clearing.
With your soul’s permission , I can include anyone who lives with you in your home as part of the healing & clearing. And we can clear your home as well.

This is a 1.5+ hour session! We record, so you can re-listen to the reading anytime.

Your everyday investment for this exclusive one-on-one profound, life-changing experiences is $250

If you’re ready to “know” who you are at soul level and remove the blocks that keep you from living your soul’s higher purpose, then book today. 

​​Psychic or Psychic Child Evaluation (150$): (60 mins-?)
This is for when you or your kid is having supernatural experiences and we need to figure out what to do next…
Its possible that you or your child are having legitimate contact with the spirit realm, since you can’t help them, and Rev. Rivera knows you want to, this is what we do. She tunes in and uses her abilities to determine if they are in harm’s way. She can help you know what to do next. You may want them to learn how to turn it off. She can help with this.  If your child needs to develop or fine tune his/her skills see Private Instruction.