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* A View of the Afterlife 60-90 mins:   Rev. Rivera can help you understand some basic information about what happens when we pass out of our physical bodies and enter into the afterlife. Sharing insights and experiences from past readings and communications with Spirits to give you a glimpse of commonly related themes and topics.

* Public Demo of Mediumship 60-90 mins:  A demonstration of mediumship (or medium demonstration) is an event where a psychic medium stands in front of a group of people, usually on stage, to randomly perform short (three to ten minute) readings for a few of the audience members. Medium demonstrations are similar to radio shows where psychic mediums take callers, but this is a live event where people can witness the spirit communication in person.The purpose of a public demonstration of mediumship is not to give everyone in the audience a reading. That is what many attendees hope for when attending a psychic medium demonstration, but this is not a forum for private readings. The purpose of a public medium demonstration is to open people’s minds to the possibilities—the possibility that an afterlife exists and spirit communication is achievable.

*popular for groups, non-profits, theaters and other organizations

(Standard 300$ for non-profits or negotiable per-ticket prices)

Brandon Taper

Whitehall Public Library

Whitehall Public Library recently partnered with Rev. Marjorie Rivera for a program centering on the

medium’s interpretation of the afterlife and connections to the spirits of the dead. In addition to her lecture

on the day-to- day life of a medium, Ms. Rivera agreed to answer questions about her gift, provide live

readings for the audience, and offer free private sessions to two random patrons. This made for a ninety-

minute program that managed to attract over 100 library users, many of whom were not residents of

Whitehall Borough.

Ms. Rivera really found her voice during the group readings and Q&A session, providing humor and familiarity

to a subject that can otherwise be abstract and nebulous. Her casual style and sense of humor served as the

perfect voice for such a presentation. She stayed after the program to answer additional questions and to

offer information about her private practice.

I would recommend Ms. Rivera to any library interested in a thorough, but comfortable, program about

spirits and the afterlife. I believe she offers both insight to believers and entertainment to skeptics in equal


Nancy Musser
Adult Services Coordinator

The Baldwin Borough Public Library recently held a fundraiser to support our
renovation project. We heard from several local libraries that were delighted by
the programming of Pittsburgh Medium Rev. Marjorie Rivera. We decided to
book her for our event.
We had a few moments before the program to speak to one another, and Ms.
Rivera was a lovely person to talk with. You could feel the grace and spirituality
emanating from her. We had about 65 people come to the event, and I spoke with
many people afterwards who were moved by this program.
I certainly intend to invite Marjorie back for another event.

Other local organizations: Humane Society of Stuebenville Oh, Jefferson Hills Library, Clague Payhouse Theater, Players Playhouse Tables on The Green, Natrona Heights Country Club, Ladles, Oak Arbor Grill, Greenhouse Winery, Red Fox Winery, Fayette County Cultural Trust, Duquesne University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh


The You in Intuition 2 hours (30$): Learn how to tap into your intuition and  how it comes to you personally.

Intuition Basics 2 hours (30$):  Learn techniques to tap into your intuition for a greater sense of clarity.

Conscious Non-Resistance 2 hours (30$): Learn how to say yes to the Universe and the natural way things flow to you.

Spiritualism 2 hours (30$): History of Modern Spiritualism, the Fox Sisters, Lily Dale and Mediumship

Intuition for Personal Empowerment  4 hours (50$):  An empower yourself intuition workshop provides an overview of the different ways of accessing intuition, strengthens participant’s abilities to connect purposefully to their intuition, and provides tools for ongoing intuitive development. This workshop is further designed to enhance both confidence and clarity in accessing intuitive messages.  No prior experience is necessary.