Now that you have been scheduled : 

Hi there  !! Thanks for choosing Rev. Rivera.  If you have been directed to this page as part of a confirmation text, CONGRATS, that means you are one step closer to meeting with Rev. Rivera,  PGH Medium. ​We appreciate your patience while ​​you wait for your session , we know the wait time can be long and we hope it will be worth it for you. 

Please refer to your text or email for your date/time details. ​

Your starting time has been solidified.  We should have asked you to clarify how long of a session you wanted. If you didn't indicate longer, then a half hour session is standard.

Please arrive on time for your session. Delays in your arrival will mean your session will have to be limited in some capacity.

Standard Session Rates for One Person

30 mins = 80$ cash/check, 85$ credit card 

35 mins = 90$ cash/check, 95$ credit card 

40 mins = 100$ cash/check, 105$ credit card 

45 mins = 110$ cash/check, 115$ credit card 

50 mins = 120$ cash/check, 125$ credit card 

55 mins = 130$cash/check, 135$ credit card 

60 mins = 140$ cash/check, 145$ credit card 

65 mins = 150$ cash/check, 155$ credit card

70 mins = 160$ cash/check, 165$ credit card

75 mins = 170$ cash/check,175$ credit card

80 mins = 180$ cash/check,185$ credit card

85 mins = 190$ cash/check, 195$ credit card

90 mins = 200$ cash/check, 205$ credit card

*Witness Fee* You are welcome to bring support with you, please know there is a 20$ witness fee per additional person to attend. 

We will call or text you the day before your appointment as a courtesy to confirm. If you cannot keep the session,please notify us ASAP. There are people on a standby list since the wait time is so long, and this would allow us to contact them if you cannot for whatever reason make it in.

*If you are sick, please reschedule, This will allow Rev. Rivera to continue, without concern for illness. 

Find us Easily : 

4127 Brownsville Rd. Brentwood PA 15227

Suite 204

Located near the Brentwood Town Square above The Nailery and the Miracle Ear Doctor in the Lese Building.

Parking is on-street and metered ( before 6pm) at 25 cents per 15 minutes, so please be prepared. The number to call if you are lost is  412-804-8010. If you want to prepare for parking, the app used in Brentwood is: meterfeeder

Rev. Rivera records each session as her GIFT to you..You are encouraged to record your session as well, there is no guarantee that the recording will work or that it will get to you, and there are no refunds for her services based on whether or not you get a recording.  All recordings are sent to you through gmail, please do not delete that message, as we will retain a copy of your reading for no more than 1 week. 

By law, I must state that readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Mediumship readings are offered as an extension of Spiritualism, and proof of the existence of the soul, as a Spiritualist Minister, I simply offer proof of the Soul, and make no guarantees of a particular message. You must be 18 years or older to use this service. All guidance is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that any information/guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of your reading. NO refunds are issued based on your interpretation of a reading. You are paying for the time and services rendered, not for a particular outcome even if you are invested in said outcome.