The Short Version

In this city of bridges, I am but a bridge to your loved ones. It's no wonder I ended up here in Pittsburgh. I think this place has wonderful energy. And Although I call this place home, I was born in Panama, and am Cuna Indian and mystical gifts have been part of my family for more generations than we can count !

What does all that mean anyway? It means I am a hybrid, of old indigenous ways and newer Spiritualist ways. I believe in the continuity of life and the Soul. I believe that we are a soul first and that our soul has a body, not the other way around ( that we are our body). I believe that the soul survives the physical death and that if it is still alive somewhere, it will have something to say and I make it my job to listen. 

The short version of it all, is that I was born different but, aren't we all?

I started seeing Spirit people when I was 5 years old. I was always fascinated with everything related to God and Heaven, and I can remember begging people to take me to church with them, since that's when I felt closest to the Spirits. Little did I know that whether or not I found them , they had chosen me and had a plan for me. Our Loved Ones Who Live On in Spirit or LOLOS as I like to call them, found me, helped me, and continue to help me as I help you. 

The longer fancier version 

Rev. Marjorie Rivera Kain is a professional Psychic Medium who has been a full time reader since 2000. Rev. Marjorie is Pittsburgh’s most professional and prolific reader. She leads message circles, lectures, teaches, is a published writer, a magazine columnist, a radio talk show co-host for years, sits on the Board of Directors for SITE NITE and for Tribe 412; founded and hosted in Pittsburgh. Rev. Marjorie is a Lily Dale trained Medium. She holds her ministerial and metaphysician’s degree through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY. Rev. Marjorie is often recognized by her enthusiastic platform demonstrations. Rev. Marjorie brings a refreshing, compassionate and thought provoking perspective to the world of psychic phenomena. As a psychic medium, she has helped thousands with her ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over into the Spirit side of life. Rev. Marjorie has captivated clients with her honesty and her unique abilities to connect with people and with their loved ones who have passed into Spirit. Deeply compassionate, often uncannily accurate and humorous, Rev. Marjorie’s down-to-earth approach has earned her a vast and loyal following. Rev. Marjorie’s talents are not limited to Spirit communication, as she is amazingly accurate with her ability to decipher relationship connections, career forecasts and every imaginable question on the future of each sitter’s life. Born in Panama, Rev. Marjorie is a Cuna Indian. The Cunas are the Indigenous peoples of the San Blas Islands off the Pacific Coast of Panama. Marjorie was born into a family of healers, shaman and medicine women. Her life as a Latin woman was infused with a strong belief and respect for the Spirit World. She began to see and communicate with spirits when she was 5.

Rev. Marjorie’s pursuits eventually took her to Lily Dale, NY where she attended seminary school and became ordained as a Spiritualist Minister. Many Spiritualists are also Mediums like Rev. Marjorie. She has welcomed the many changes living a spiritual life has brought to her, and has allowed herself to evolve into the woman she is today. Medium, Healer, Artist, Minister, Teacher, Student of the esoteric.

Rev. Marjorie comes recommended by clients such as the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Robert Morris University, Indiana University, BOB FM, WISH FM, The Pittsburgh Pirates, The Pittsburgh Penguins, Bravo TV, MTV, The BBC, The Discovery Channel, The Gateway Clipper, and countless more.  She has been featured at numerous Psychic and Spirit Expos, and has been featured in the Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Magazine, and various spiritual publications nationwide.