Exclusive Night with Your Loved Ones (LOLOS) Party

For Saturdays there is an 8 person minimum and booking retainer required

Mediumship …the “house specialty" !

Angel Introductions and Messages

Spirit Guide Introductions and Messages

Angel Cards (Past Present Future Life Reading)

Intuitive Life Guidance (For specific advice) 

Mediumship includes contact from a departed loved one. This type of reading can include specifics on your loved one’s manner of passing, personal demeanor, appearance, name(s)/initials of either the spirit or those the spirit refers to in the living, occupation and situational references. This reading will include a message from the departed loved one. Each session seeks to provide hopeful alternatives and useful insights to enrich your life.

Party Structures: 

Small Party: 5-7 people (Usually held Sun-Fri)
70$ per person ( lead time can be several months)
*within Pgh metro area 40 mins drive time * special note* Parties outside Pittsburgh Metro area 70$ per person including hostess. 

Large Party: 8 people or more (Usually held Sat/Sun)
60$ per person.   Hostess gets a FREE reading.
please note** Sat/Sun start times are encouraged to be 12n.  ( lead time for weekend parties is usually several months) 
*within Pgh metro area 40 mins drive time * special note* Parties outside Pittsburgh Metro area 70$ per person including hostess. 

Party max is 6  hours or 12 half hour sessions.  If you have more than 12, consider hosting a group reading or a gallery. 

A refundable credit card retainer is required to book your party of more than 8 people and to ensure the 60$ party price. 

Small and Large Party readings are 25-28 mins each,  private and digitally recorded to be emailed out to guests within on our first business day following your party. (We are off Mondays)

Pgh Medium promise to you: 

I have been doing parties for many years, my promise to you is that I will show up ! I will show up on time. I will treat each of your guests with courtesy and professionalism. In 20 years of doing readings I’ve never cancelled a party. I am aware there are cheaper readers, and my theory is , you get what you pay for….

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