In-person Ghost Removal Fees
250$(Pgh Metro Area or remote)

*Emergency Fee 50$  
350$ (within 4 hour drive time) 
350$ plus airfare if outside 4 hour drive time radius

Rev. Rivera CAN perform an assessment or Ghost Clearing for you......... (ritualistic cleansing and blessing of YOU or your home)  

Have you been feeling as if you are not alone? Have you seen things moving? Have things been missing? Have you been attacked (kicked, punched, scratched)? Have you been feeling down? Do you get a "creepy" feeling at home alone? Have you heard voices? Do your animals or children suddenly act "spooked"? Are your lights turning on or off by themselves? Are you feeling "cursed'?

Ghosts are different than Spirits. Ghosts or Apparitions were once people like us, who lived on earth, and for whatever reason didn't go on to Heaven. If someone decides not to go into the light, they become stuck and then need to obtain life force energy from some a source other than God. Ghosts like to scare people to create fear energy, so they can steal it. Ghosts can commonly be found in places like bars, casinos, theaters, malls, amusement parks and "Haunted attractions". No matter where Ghosts may hang out, they can attach themselves to YOU if you pass through and they find something about you attractive.  Ghost attachments are more common than you might think. Ghosts know that you can't see them, and can take advantage of this fact. 

Book your FREE 10 minute assessment interview today !!

Interview is held to assess need for extraction. Fees applicable when extraction is performed.

(May require more than one session) Remote session can be done within 24 hours of Booking. In person sessions can be scheduled on a Saturday- Tuesday as an emergency only, or during the day Wednesday-Friday. 

Are things happening in your home or business that you can't explain ?
Do you think a ghost could be to blame?
Are you feeling cursed?