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What sort of group event should I hold??
What are my options when you read for a group?

To schedule please call/text 412-804-8010 24/7

or email: marjorie@pittsburghmedium.com


You can host an event any day of the week. With enough advanced notice, I would gladly change my day off to accommodate your event. Fri/Sat  are reserved each week for groups/events or parties. Contact me for first available dates. There is usually a waiting time. The retainer fee is always 60$, and is refundable for parties only.


I consider a party to be when you gather a group of your friends or family and every person(<10) wants to receive an individual or private session with me. Every person will have a reading of 30 minutes. ( 60$ per person). Duration varies based on participant number.

Rev. Rivera,

Thank you for the reading. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the reading, but did want to tell you how much peace I felt driving home that evening. I also want to touch on something you had said. You mentioned my dad holding a wilted flower, and made the mention of Red Skelton. One of the last things I bought my dad for his birthday was the Red Skelton CD’s. And, another thing I must tell you, the next day, I was searching through some files looking for some papers and there was a picture of my dad, of all places. I say this because I have never kept pictures of anyone in file folders.

Thank you again, I will be calling on you very soon.

Terri Thompson | Testimonial

Group Reading:

I consider a group to be when you gather a small group of your friends ( a non family group) and every person  wants to be read in a circle setting. This is not private. Every person WILL  get a message, NOT a full reading.  Min 10 people and max 25. (30$ per person) Duration varies based on participant number.

Family Reading:

I consider a family reading to be when you gather a family group (that would all like to connect to the same Spirit) and wants to be read in a circle setting. This is not private. Every person WILL  get a message, NOT a full reading. (150$ for 60 or more minutes plus 20$ per person) Min 5 people and no max. Duration varies based on participant number.


Gallery Reading:

I consider a gallery reading to be when you gather a group of people and every person is willing to participate in an gallery exhibition of mediumship. I will read for as many people as I can but not every person will get a reading. Gallery readings are suggested for Universities, Churches, Banquet Facilities where large groups can be held. Min 20 people and there is no max. ( Negotiable ticket prices but usually 20-25$ per person). Not every person will get message, but every person has the same chance of being read based on participant number.


How to book:

Please contact me!  There is normally a waiting time. Once a date is agreed upon you will be contacted to obtain a credit card retainer of 60$ (required to secure any date.) Once your date is contracted you will be emailed with final acceptance.

You can call/text me at 412-804-8010  email revmarjorierivera@gmail.com

I will reply as soon as I can, but please know its a small operation over here and it takes some effort to keep up!


Here’s a pic of a recent Gallery reading from 10/14 in Cleveland, pic courtesy of www.timaverre.com