Have your Exclusive " Angel Party" 

Host a party of 8 guests and your reading is free.

50$ per person 30 mins per reading.  All guests may choose from either or both: 

Reading Choices at the Angel Party:  (No Mediumship)

Angel Introduction and messages
Angels are God’s messengers, they watch over us, and YES you do have one. Did you ever want to know who your Angel is? Or what they would tell you about your life? Choose this reading type to be given the name and look of your Angel, along with their messages to you.

Spirit Guide Introduction and messages
Spirit Guides are dedicated to the evolution of our Soul. They help keep us on track to fulfill our Life’s work and purpose. Did you ever want to know your life’s purpose, or part of it? Choose this reading type if you want to be given the name and look of your Guide, along with their messages to you.

Past Life Reading

Who were you in a past life? Where did you live? What lessons did you need to learn? How does that life affect your life today? Choose this reading if you are curious about what your soul’s history can teach you today.   


Angel Cards = Past/Present/Future Life Reading 
Angel Oracle cards are a used to obtain clarity on all of life’s topics. If something is important to you, it can be delved into. Popular subjects: Love, relationships, family dynamics, work/finances and health.  Choose this reading if you have questions and want answers to all of life’s mysterious ways.


Intuitive Life Guidance
If you don’t know what type of reading to pick, allow Rev. Rivera to follow her intuition for the right sort of reading for you, and it may include several types of readings above. You may get messages from your LOLOS and Angels along with some answers from the Angel cards.  This is the “combo” reading.